Dabol Nigeria Limited

Dabol Nigeria Limited deals primarily in growing, processing and export of agricultural produce to the global food industry. Our specialization is in grains products where we have developed capacity to produce cleaned grains that meet the specification of industrial users.

Every step of the way right from the farm through to the finished products that we deliver to our clients, we are committed to Total Quality Management.

Our farming and outgrower schemes are properly supervised to ensure that toxic and unsafe agricultural chemicals are not used.

Our storage facilities are maintained at the highest level of hygiene required for food grade raw materials. Also, we deploy safe grains preservation techniques for grains in storage to ensure that our products do not contain toxic elements that will make them unsafe for human consumption.

As of now, our major products are :

• Pre-cleaned yellow sorghum

• Pre-cleaned white sorghum

• Pre-cleaned white maize

• Pre-cleaned sesame seed

• Pre-cleaned soyabeans

• Pre-cleaned millet