Dabol Nigeria Limited

Dabol Nigeria Limited is now well positioned to export grain products to the international market. The quality of our grain products and adherence to international best practices in our operations, has been proven with continued patronage from multinational blue chip companies.

Nigeria, with her massive agricultural production capacity is well positioned as hub for agricultural raw materials. We have leveraged on this to develop human and material capacities in farming, sourcing, processing and supply of industry quality grains for raw materials. With more than two decades in the business and a lot of satisfied clients to show, we boldly declare that we are READY TO SERVE THE WORLD.

Our current production and storage capacity is large enough to meet both domestic and international market demand.

We can supply the following grains from Nigeria to any country in the world :

• Yellow Sorghum

• White Sorghum

• White Maize

• Sesame seed

• Soyabeans

• Millet

We are registered with Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and Central Bank of Nigeria as exporters of grains products.

International clients are therefore welcome to open up discussions with us on their needs.

If interested, please fill the contact form and we will respond to your request.